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Mix003 – Madegg


Currently residing in Kyoto, Kazumichi Komatsu has been making electronic music since the age of 15. Under his Madegg moniker, the producer has amassed a vast collection of work that consists of a number of astounding remixes, EPs, compilations and two full lengths. We were introduced to the Japenese beatmaker last year through the release of his debut LP, Tempera. He followed up the act with the equally impressive Kiko this past spring. Madegg is an affiliate of the exceptional Japanese label Flau; an imprint that appears to be as innovative and exploratory as the artist himself. In a review done by the good people at LFTF, it was boldly held that ”Madegg is masterful in his use of space; his tendency towards minimalism hearkens back to the best work of Four Tet and Aphex Twin”. Placing the artist amongst such rich company could seem like a stretch but in this case it’s rightfully deserved. The unique melancholy of his sound and its invasive depth suck the listener in and set him apart. As his music freely crosses between hip hop, electronica, house, and drone, he seems to digest each of these styles into his own creations. As you listen to this mix, lose yourself in the crowded and hectic streets of a Japanese metropolis.



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